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The Komadk (Komatke) Vip’op Cheg Che’ Cha He:Mapa Ha Ki (children’s meeting place) is nestled between the Komadk (Estrella Mountain) and Moahdak Do’ag (South Mountain) ranges in the village of Komatke.

We take pride in our facility, support our staff, empower our members, and honor our families. You will find that Komatke Branch is a safe, positive, and inclusive space built on a culture of youth empowerment. We are constantly seeking opportunities for our members to contribute effectively as protagonists in their communities. We also hold the highest expectations that our members will strive for academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles.

Generously subsidized by the Gila River Indian Community, our organization has the unique opportunity to offer free membership for the youth of the Gila River Community year round. We are also able to waive after school fees and attendance dues for all youth with a current membership ($30 annual membership fee) from any community, including the greater Phoenix area. Our school break programs (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) have a very affordable rates.


Please contact us for any questions. We look forward to welcoming new members.

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