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Adobe Mobile

Sign up for Adobe Mobile (ages 9+) w/ Bill here!


Sign up for STEM (ages 5-8) w/ Ayanna here!

Basketball Skills & Drills

Sign up for Skills & Drills (ages 11 - 15) w/ Shane & Tee here!

Game On - Kahoot Jeopardy

Sign up for Game On (ages 9-12) w/ Alora here!


*Teen Program - Sign up for Gym - YAZ - tics w/ Selase here!

Jr. Chef

*Tween Program - Sign up for Jr. Chefs w/ Nizhoni here!

Fine Arts

Sign up for Fine Arts (ages 7-12) w/ Andrea here!

Creative Arts

*Tween Program - Sign up for Creative Arts w/ Nizhoni here!

Dungeons & Dragons

Sign up for Dungeons & Dragons (ages 9+) w/ Bill here!

The Joy of Art

*Teen Program - Sign up for the Joy of Art w/ Raynetta here!

Teen Check-In - Group Hangout

Allow me to re-introduce myself! *Teen programs - Sign up for Teen Check in here!

Chess Champions

Sign up for Chess Champions (ages 10+) w/ Kobe here!

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